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Step #1: Branding Your Hiring Center

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2019 03:11PM EST

To brand your system, you can go to Admin > Settings.  


In Settings, there are several areas you can control but there are two main areas to focus on:


Branding Your Hiring Center

Video Tutorial:

Branding: Adding A Logo

You can customize the branding of your tool in the Account Setup tab (Admin  > Settings > Account Setup).  The first step is to add a logo.  The system accepts .png, .gif, or .jpg files.  The logo image area of the tool is fixed at 80 (high) x 500 (wide) pixels. This means that horizontal logos/images work better than square or vertical images. 



1. You don't need to worry about scaling the image yourself. The system will take the image you load and scale it proportionally to fit the logo image area.  This way, if your logo is much larger than the given dimensions, the site will scale it to a maximum of 80 x 500 pixels.   If your logo is smaller than the given dimensions, it will not scale it up so you may want to use a larger sized logo.
2. If you don't have an image logo, you can select the "Text Only" option. 
3. Whatever logo you apply will be the logo that both applicants/job seekers will see and what your company's system users will see.


Branding: Applying a Theme

After you've uploaded a logo, you can apply a color theme to your site.   You can apply a main color to the site using the "Button" color selections.  You can apply button text color to the site by using the "button text" color selections and you can also choose a hyperlink text color by using that option.



1. Often times using the same color for both "Button" and "Hyperlink Text" gives the site some continuity.  Also, users have found that using either black, white or gray for button text makes your system easier to read.

2. Feel free to copy and past the Hex Value or HTML color code you select from one area to the other to save time searching for the exact same color.

Branding: Selecting a Site Name

Updating your site name will update the official name that is used throughout your hiring center and on your email communication.



Branding: Email "From" Address



Setting up your Career Page

Video Tutorial:

The Careers page displays all jobs that you have posted through the system.  It can also be customized to fit your needs and you can edit this page by going into Admin > Settings > Career Page.  This page will always be found at the URL that you signed up with.  For example, if your company was SuperCo, your careers page would be SuperCo.hyrell.com.


In this area of the tool you can customize what applicants or job seekers will see on your careers page that is powered by our system.

There are three main areas that you can customize:  

  1. The About Us Section
  2. The Contact Us Section
  3. The Social Section.

There are several areas that you can add to this page including:

  • Titling the page (that will show up in the upper right hand corner of the page in gray font)
  • The Company tile (example: "Working for SuperCo")
  • An image that represents your company (different than your logo if desired)
  • Some content about what it is like to work for your company
  • You can enter "Contact Us" information if you'd like to include website information, etc.
  • You can enter social information including your company's LinkedIn profile page, twitter profile, or your Facebook page.


Continue on to Step #2: Building Your Library


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