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Step #3: Building Your "Organization"

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2019 03:42PM EST

Video Tutorial:


(To check out the entire Posting a Job with Hyrell Video Tutorial Series, click here)


Step-By-Step User Guide:


Your Organization (which is found under Admin > Organization) is made up of the locations, departments and job templates that it takes to run your company.


There are two steps to building your Organization.

  1. Add the Locations/Departments that you require.
  2. Assign the job templates to the Locations/Departments you added.

1.  Adding Your Locations or Departments

First, you want to add the Locations or Departments into whatever structure you prefer.  Each department/location has an address associated with it and you can add "children" locations/departments under "parent" locations/departments as desired.


If you are a company that has one physical Location with several Departments, you may want to add one location and then add each department under it.

If you are a company that is structured geographically, then you may want to add each physical location of your company as a Location within your Organization.

If you are a company that is structured both geographically and departmentally, then you can set it up that way with Regions, Locations, and Departments.

Add the Locations/Departments that you require by clicking on the admin_organization_icon_plus.png icon and selecting the Locations/Department button.



2.  Assigning the Job Templates to Your Locations / Departments

Once you have the structure of your company set up in Admin > Organization, you can now add job templates to the Locations/Departments as you desire.



Because each Department/Location, by definition, already has a city, state and zip associated with it, once you assign a Template to a Location/Department, it will inherit that Location/Department's physical address.

Each position will have a city/state/zip associated with it so that applicants fan find the job on internet job boards or search for relevant open positions on your company career page.

Once you have built your Organization you can now assign additional users to various parts of the company; post jobs; etc.

is a terminology difference that comes into play here.  A job template that is in your Library is referred to a Template. Once you have assigned that Template to Location/Department, it is thereafter referred to as a Position.

Continue on to Step #4: Adding Users.


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