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Authorizations: Control Access to Sensitive Areas

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2018 10:56AM EST

As defined throughout the Hyrell system, a User Role is defined as "What a User Can Do" and Assignments are defined as as "What a User Can See.”  There is one other governing feature and that is Authorizations.

Authorizations are a means by which the Primary Contact can grant selected Users access to more sensitive areas of the application including:

  • Access EEO data and reports
  • Access any Integrated Services features such as ordering a background check, initiating a personality assessment, etc.

To access the Authorizations area, click Admin > Authorizations 


Simply select the checkbox next to a user’s name to provide authorization for that specific area of the tool, and then click update to save your changes.


Users can be authorized to view:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Data
  • Behavioral Interview and Pre-Employment Test Scores
  • Sage HRMS Employee Data Information
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance Management
  • Electronic Onboarding Documents


  1. The only individual who can make Authorizations within the system is the Primary Contact 
  2. Any User, regardless of her/his User Role, may be granted an Authorization (it is not only for System Administrators).  
  3. Any actions taken in the Authorizations tab are logged and displayed at the bottom of the page in the History section.


You only want 2 of your 10 System Users to be able to initiate Background Checks. One of these users has a User Role = System Admin and one of the Users has a User Role = Standard.  The Primary Contact, through Authorizations, can grant each of those users Authorization to initiate background checks, assuming background checks is activated for your system.


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