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Auto-Score Custom Elements: Feature Overview

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 12:29PM EST

Auto-Score Custom Elements allow users to create multiple choice custom elements that will be auto-scored the moment a candidate submits an application.

Feature Set-up

User Permissions

In Admin > User Roles, System Administrators may select which user roles can create and edit Custom Elements. Check the user role you wish to update, then click Take Action > Edit > Job Templates, then switch the Create/Edit Custom Elements permission to the “On” position and click Save.

Step #1 -- Creating an auto scored custom element

Navigate to Library > Position Elements > Custom Element > New > Custom Element.

At the top of the popup window is where you’ll select whether or not this new custom element is auto-scorable. Select "Yes", then choose a Category for the element and click Add.

Enter an element name, then click Add Item.

Start by typing the question, then select a question weight from the dropdown. 

Question Weight

The question weight can be defined as the total number of points a question is worth toward the overall score of a custom element. If all questions are of equal importance, consider giving each one a weight of 10. If some questions are more important to the evaluation process, and thus worth more than others on the form, you may give each question its appropriate weight.

Add a Response Tip if desired, then add the answer along with a weight for each answer.

Answer Weight

Each answer can be worth up to 100% of the Question Weight. You may decide that more than one answer is worth 100% of the possible points because applicants with that desired answer are exactly what you’re looking for in your ideal candidate. You may also decide that more than one answer is worth 0% of possible points, because applicants with that answer are not desired for your organization. Since these questions are multiple choice (and thus, only one answer may be selected at a time), you will not run the risk of more than the maximum possible points awarded per question. 

Required Question

All questions are required to be answered by default. To make the question optional, simply uncheck the box. Optional questions not answered by an applicant are not included in the total score. Click Done to save your question.

Once finished creating questions, click Save at the bottom.

​Step # 2 -- Assigning Auto-Score Custom Elements To A Position

Once an element is created, it will appear in the list of Available Elements when creating/editing positions. The maximum number of custom elements that can be used in a single position is 10. To add an element, click the “+” button and then click “Save & Continue”.

Note: All user roles with the exception of “Read Only” can assign custom elements to a position. 

On “Step 3. Fill in Content” users can click “Preview” to view the contents of the custom element in a popup window or they can remove the element from the position by clicking “Remove”.

Viewing Applicant Responses Within The Applicant File

Just like Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Virtual Interview, etc., custom elements have their own tab within the applicant file. The name of the tab will be the exact name of the newly-created custom element. Users simply need to click on the custom element tab to view the applicant’s responses along with the score they received.


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