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Caliper: Integrated Service Overview

Last Updated: Apr 14, 2016 11:18AM EDT

Hyrell offers integrated pre-employment assessments with Caliper directly through the Hyrell System.

​The Caliper Profile conveniently measures 22 job performance-related attributes. Results are presented on a percentage scale to help decision-makers quickly determine a candidate’s ability to perform well on the job.


Article Outline:

  1. Setup:
  1. User's Guide:



Feature Set-up

This one-time set up involves two steps: 1) Activate Service 2) Authorize Users. Once you have completed these steps, follow the User Guide to use this feature to initiate assessments and view assessment results in each applicant’s file.

Step #1 – Activate Service

To activate the Caliper module, go to Admin>Integrated Services

Click Assessment Testing and then click Learn More for Caliper. 

If you already initiated your Caliper account, you should have received a Web User ID and a password, along with your default/primary report. Use the following steps to enter your code and activate this service.


Click Activation (top right), enter your email address and your activation code, and then click Submit.

Step #2 – Authorize Users

Note: When you authorize a user, he or she will be able to initiate an assessment test and review assessment results.

To authorize a user, go to Admin>Authorizations.

Click Assessment Test, select the user(s) you want to authorize using the checkboxes, and then click Update.



User's Guide

Authorized users of the Caliper module can initiate a pre-employment assessment test and view the results within an individual’s Applicant File.

Step 1 – Initiate Assessment Test

From within an individual’s Applicant File, click Assessment Test. (Assessment Test will only be visible if you have access to this feature.) 

You can review/edit the standard email that will be sent to the applicant and/or upload any additional documents or files (click Choose File). Note: do not edit or remove the ##clickhere## text, as this will automatically populate with a unique link specifically generated for the applicant. This is the link the applicant will click to begin the assessment.

Click Send to send the email to the applicant. The email will include a link to the required assessment test. A status of “Test 1 Requested” displays below Assessment Test in the side navigation bar and a record is added to the Activity stream along the right. Additionally, the Last Action will automatically change to “Assessment Requested”.

Once the applicant has completed and submitted the assessment test, the Last Action is updated to “Assessment Received” and below Assessment Test, the button changes to “Test 1 Received”.

Step 2 – View Results

To review the assessment results for an applicant, open the individual’s Applicant File and then click Test Results under the Assessment Test option in the side navigation bar.

Click View to open the results of the assessment test as a PDF file. 




  1. The only person that can activate the Caliper integration is the Primary Contact.
  2. The Primary Contact can also determine which Users can initiate and view Assessments Results by using the Authorizations feature.
  3. Caliper assessments cannot be directly integrated into the online application as a separate module. Instead Caliper assessments must be sent out individually to each applicant as a separate follow-up. 
  4. There is no integration charge to utilize this feature, the only additional charge will be the price of the individual Caliper assessment. 


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