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Library: A Complete Overview

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2018 03:36PM EST

The Library tab is where all of the information needed to manage your company's position postings is stored, including Position Templates, Position Elements, Message Templates, and Picklists. 

From the Library, you can:

  • Edit and send the standard e-mails that are sent by the system during the hiring process (Message Templates)
  • View the information that is available to select from various list boxes within the system (Picklists).

A Position Template is a fully-populated position posting that includes its own job description, responsibilities, qualifications, benefits, and job-specific questions (which are referred to as Position Elements). The Library enables you to create a template of every position it takes to run your business, and you can add or change the Position Templates at any time.

In addition, from within your Library, you have access to the Hyrell Community Library, which is an unlimited collection of pre-written Position Templates and Position Elements. You can import these Position Templates and Position Elements into your Library to create a baseline for your job postings. Once your Position Templates are complete, you can assign them to areas within your company so that users can post the positions and start the hiring process.

Position Elements make up your complete position posting package within a Position Template. See Position Elements for more information.

The Message Templates area of the Library comes pre-populated with automatic e-mail messages that are sent during the hiring process. If you have access to this area, you can edit the content of the e-mails as needed.

The Picklists area of the Library includes pre-populated information for various list boxes within the system. If you have access to this area, you can edit the content as needed.


Some of the content in the e-mail is populated by the system when the e-mail is sent (such as ##name##). If you edit or remove this content, the system-populated information cannot be generated.



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