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Position Elements

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2018 03:40PM EST

Position Elements combine to make up your Template and include company and job descriptions, position responsibilities, candidate qualifications, company benefits, and job-specific questions.

Position Elements are stored within your Library, and you can add or change them at any time. (See The Library: A Complete Overview for more information on your library and Position Templates.)

Included in the Position Elements area are job-specific questions including Soft Skills, Hard Skills, and Hyrell’s Virtual Interview (TM).

The Soft Skills and Hard Skills questions are Yes/No questions that applicants answer during the application process. The system scores each applicant based on their responses. The Virtual Interview(TM) enables you to create qualitative questions for each job posting. You can review, rank, and score an applicant’s responses for a more in-depth level of applicant screening and evaluation.

You can add as many elements to your Library as needed, and they will be available when you create a Position Template. In addition, from within your Library, you have access to the Hyrell Community Library, which is an unlimited collection of pre-written Position Templates and Position Elements. You can import Position Templates and Position Elements into your library to create a baseline for your job postings.


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