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Step #2: Building Your Library

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2016 02:03PM EDT

The Library tab is where all of the information needed to manage your company's position postings is stored, including Position Templates, Position Elements, Message Templates, and Picklists. 

From the Library, you can:

  • Create and manage the information for each position posting (Position Templates and Position Elements)
  • Edit and send the standard e-mails that are sent by the system during the hiring process (Message Templates)
  • View the information that is available to select from various list boxes within the system (Picklists).

For a more detailed description, click here for a complete overview of the Library tab.

In terms of getting started, your Library comes with some areas that have content pre-built (so you will just need to review/edit if desired) and other areas that you will need to customize your own content.

The main Library area that comes pre-built with content is Library > Messages. The Messages tab includes the communication emails that go out to applicants, to references, etc. All of these messages come with pre-written templates so you can review each of them to make sure you are comfortable with the content of each.

The main area of the Library that you will need to focus on when getting started is the Position Templates section. 

Every Position Template contains a job description, responsibilities, qualifications and benefits (if any).  Additionally, each Position Template may contain additional components (referred to as Position Elements) such as job-specific questions, career history modules; education history modules; etc.

There are three main ways to build your Position Templates Library.  You can:

  1. Build a template from scratch.
  2. Duplicate and modify an existing template from your library (think of it as a "Save As").
  3. Import a template from the Community Library.

The simplest way to get started is to import templates from the Community Library.  The Community Library is a cloud-based job bank of pre-written job templates that any customer can utilize.  If you see some pre-written templates from the Community Library that you would like to use, you can import them into your Library for future use.

If you want to build your own Position Templates, you can do that as well. You can create the job descriptions, qualifications, responsibilities and associated question sets as desired. 



  1. You can add as many Position Templates to the Library as you desire; there is no limit.
  2. Once you save a Position Template to your Library (either by creating your own or importing from the Community Library), it will always be there for repeated, and future, use.
  3. Once you have your Position Templates completed, you can then assign them to Locations/Departments in your Organization and post them live.


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