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Sharing Jobs on LinkedIn

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2018 03:17PM EST

The Hyrell Online Hiring System is designed to push your jobs out to some of the top national and local Internet job boards. However, you can easily increase your applicant flow by leveraging your company’s social media community.

You’ve worked hard to build a vibrant online presence. Your online followers know your company, are often passionate about what you do, and appreciate your workplace culture. Therefore, your online community is a great place to find great employees for your company!!


Social Posting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and jobseekers. It’s one of the most respected professional social networking sites, and it allows you the unique opportunity to highlight the major accomplishments of your career.

LinkedIn can be a great tool for your candidate search. By searching for candidates on LinkedIn, you can find a brief overview of an applicant’s strengths and skills before they even walk through the door for an interview.

Additionally, LinkedIn’s company pages allow like-minded professionals to follow your company, and receive company updates. These users are often extremely engaged with your brand and your company – which means that they would be passionate employees for any open position.

To share one of your Hyrell job postings on LinkedIn, simply use our Instant Ad feature:

  1. To access the Instant Ad, navigate to the My Positions tab.
  2. Check the box next to the Position Title you wish to create the ad for, and select Take Action > Instant Ad from the top of the page.
  3. This will bring up a lightbox, where you can copy the Instant Ad with a direct URL to your position.
  4. Once the Instant Ad is copied, you can paste it into a status update on LinkedIn.  Write a short “We’re Hiring!” message and share it.


You can even encourage your employees to share your company’s update so that you can also leverage their connections network.  


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