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Reviewing and Requesting References

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 11:05AM EST

Requesting References in the Applicant File

Within the Applicant File, you can review the references provided by the applicant and/or request a reference check.

Note: The References section is only included in an Applicant File if they were required in your job posting.

1. Click References in the Applicant File. Information for each reference displays in the “References” section. If a reference has been requested, “Yes” displays for “Reference Requested,” and the “Date Requested” displays the date on which the reference request was made.

Note: In addition, the number of references that have been requested displays below “References” (Reference 1 Requested, Reference 2 Requested, etc.). You can click a specific reference request to access the details for that reference, including any replies from the reference.


2. Follow the instructions at the top to initiate a reference check and/or to edit a reference. (Note: You can only edit a reference to add a valid email address if one was not originally provided. This enables you to use the system’s reference check functionality.)


3. If you are requesting a reference check, the system will send a standard email to the reference, which displays at the bottom. The “Subject” and “Body” of the message are populated with the standard text defined by your system generated email templates. You can change the text as needed and/or click “Request Reference(s)” to send the email to the selected references.

NOTE: Some of the content is populated by the system when the e-mail is sent (such as ##applicantname##). If you edit or remove this content, the system-populated information cannot be added.


You can add or review any notes associated with the references by clicking Notes at the top. 

Auto Reference Check

Auto Reference Check provides a means to automatically send a reference check to applicants' provided reference as soon as the applicant submits their application. To activate Auto Reference Checks first click Admin > Settings > System Settings > Auto Reference Check. Activation of this feature will automatically make the reference email address a required field. 

You can always manually resend a reference check by accessing the applicant file, clicking the appropriate reference sub-tab and clicking "Resend Reference Request". Finally, you may edit the reference email content before clicking "Resend Request". 

Requiring A Reference Email Address

You can make the reference email address a required field even if you are not using the Auto Reference Check feature. To turn this feature on, click Admin > Settings > System Settings > Reference Email Address


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