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Admin Section: A Complete Overview

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2018 10:48AM EST

The Administration tab is where you can edit UsersUser RolesOrganizationIntegrated ServicesAuthorizations and Settings.  We will go over each of these tabs in detail:


From this tab you can see information on the email of the user, along with his or her role, authorizations and the day he or she last logged in.  From the Take Action button under this tab, you can edit each of the fields that were just mentioned.  You can Deactivate a current user and make an inactive user Activated once again.  If you sent out an invitation to invite a new user and they did not receive the invite or maybe the invite got sent to their inbox trash, you can resend the invitation with the Take Action button.  To the right of the Take Action button, you can also click the +New button to add a new user to your hiring system.

User Roles

There are some default roles that come with your hiring site: Standard User, System Administrator and Manager. If you click on any of these roles, or checking the box to the left, followed by Take Action, you can edit the settings to grant them different levels of access in the system.  You can customize each type of user to your specifications so they go along with the user's role in your organization.  If you would like to create a new type of user for your organization, that can be done by clicking the +New button, to the right of the Take Action button.



To add a location or department to your organization, click the Administration tab and then Organization.  Click on the red "+" sign to add your location or department to the correct area in your organization.  You will need to choose whether this is a Position or a Location/Department.  If you have selected a Location/Department will need to fill out the address information and click Add to make this part of your organizational structure.  If you need to add a position to a location/department, click the "+" sign under the location/department it coincides with, find the position from the templates, and click Save.


Integrated Services

The Integrated Services tab is used to control items that would be needed for a Background Check and/or Assessment Testing.  The Background Check tab will link to InfoCubic, which is currently integrated with the hiring website.  You can click the radio button to activate or deactive the feature. Assessment Testing is linked with Criteria On-Demand Assessment.  You can opt to activate them by clicking the radio button. 

Note: The charges associated with these integrated services are NOT included in your monthly rate.  If you choose to active these features, you will be billed according to InfoCubic and Criteria On-Demand Assessment.



Under the Authorizations tab, you can view those who have access to your EEO data, this information can be accessed in the Reports tab.  If you have opted in to have Background Checks and Assessment Testing linked with the system, you will see those who have access to this information under this tab.



Under settings, the Account Setup, Career Page, System Settings, and Content Manager can all be found.  The Account Setup tab allows you to brand your hiring center by changing your organization’s logo, color scheme, the site name and the email which applicants will receive messages from if you communicate with them in the system.

The Career Page allows you to tell potential applicants about your company.  You can label the Career Title page, we recommend Careers, Jobs and Employment.  You can edit your company title, add an additional photo, which will be displayed on the right hand side under the career search bar of the applicant welcome page.  You can enter a company description or other information you would like applicants to know.  You can also add your address to link to a Google map on your applicant homepage.  You can enter your social media URLs (if applicable) to drive applicants to your social media websites.

Under the Systems Settings tab, you are able to choose what options will appear by default on your job application.  From this setting you can choose to turn on or off Auto Refresh, Disclosure Statement, Disposition Code, Education Attendance Dates, EEO Report, EEO Reporting Statement, Existing Employee, Internal Job Postings, Optional Rejection Letters, SSN Collection, Social Network URL and Warehouse Tests.

The Content Manager tab shows header communications and instructions from within the application.  Some of these fields, such as the Disclosure Statement, can be edited, indicated by the pencil when the field is hovered over with the mouse.  Other fields, such as Applicant Message Update, cannot be edited and are locked in the system.


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