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Background Check Initiator Feature

Last Updated: Apr 14, 2016 11:18AM EDT

The Background Check Initiator enables clients to initiate background checks directly from job applicant files, even though their background check service provider is not integrated in this hiring system. This is a no-cost courtesy feature that provides nearly all of the functionality associated with a fully-integrated background check feature. Users can initiate a request and track that initiation, all from within the system. However, this feature is limited insofar as the background check result is not returned to the applicant’s file. Users must login to their provider’s system in order to find and view the results of the background check.

Article Outline:

  1. Setup:


  1. User's Guide:


Feature Set-up

Step #1  -- Activate Service

To activate, navigate to Admin > Integrated Services



Navigate to Background Check and select Learn More from Background Check Initiator



Contact your account manager to obtain an activation code. Navigate to the Activation tab and enter the provided code.  Press Submit when completed.



Navigate to Library > Message Templates, open the Test Initiation Messages file, and click the edit pencil icon



Enter your background check provider’s URL in the body of this email where indicated. Once configured in this template, that URL will appear as a link in every background check request outbound email.    


The configuration of this feature is now complete.

Step #2 - Authorizing Users

Note: By authorizing a user, that user will be able to initiate background checks.

To authorize a user, click Admin > Authorizations. Select Background Checks and select the checkbox of user(s) you wish to authorize.  Then, click Update to save.



User's Guide

Step #1 – Initiate Background Check

From within the Applicant File, navigate to the Background Check button. Click the button to view the outbound email containing instructions and the link to your background check provider. Click ‘Send’ to release this request to the applicant.


The page will change to reflect the request action and that action will also be traced in the Activity Stream in the applicant’s file


The applicant will be notified of your request via email and he/she will click the link to begin your service provider’s background check process. This is the extent of the functionality associated with this feature. The background check results are not returned to the applicant’s file and no alert is provided to you at the time the check was completed. To learn more about our fully-integrated background check feature, or to request integration of your service provider, please contact your account manager.  



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